Industrial Facilities

Golden Gem NFC Plant

Umatilla, Florida

75,000 SF new orange juice processing plant facility with supporting auxiliary uses and cold storage space.

Richfood Dairy

Richmond, Virginia

Major remodeling to existing Dairy Plant. Fluid milk. 14,000 SF cold storage addition. Built over top of and down through existing operating dairy.

Hood Dairy

Boston, Massachusetts

550,000 SF Dairy Plant. 350,000 gallons per day. Renovation of 1920’s structure and 110,000 SF cold and cool storage addition. Steel frame roof. Precast/prestressed concrete tank hold. Precast concrete piles. Built over old barge canal basin.

Shenandoah’s Pride Dairy

Harrisonburg, Virginia

New dairy plant, 106,000 SF. Piping gallery 27,000 SF. Fluid milk, UHT products, ice cream distribution, future ice cream and cottage cheese. Precast/prestressed concrete double-tees, beams and columns. Steel framed truck maintenance facility. Built over capped limestone cavern.

Perdue Foods

Accomac, Virginia

Poultry Broiler Processing Plant. Largest plant in the world, of its kind, at the time of construction. 250,000 birds per day. Precast/prestressed double-tees, beams and columns.

Lewiston, North Carolina

Poultry Broiler Processing Plant. 92,000 SF. 175,000 birds per day.-Precast/ prestressed double-tees on masonry bearing walls. Wood pile foundation.